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Nothing New Under the Sun: A Look at Current Events From the Past

There’s a good deal going on these days, and we’re tempted to comment on a lot of it.  Problem is, we already have in many cases.  So, just to make sure you know we haven’t fallen asleep at the switch–or for those who didn’t read it the first time–our idea is as follows:

  • Barack Obama’s running agony with his racial identity would be a lot easier on him and the rest of us if identity politics could be pulled off of the stage of post-modern politics, as we envisioned in The Best Seat on the Bus.
  • The secularists’ agressive stance is a front for their present state of panic (Circling the Wagons Around Evolution)
  • The Libby trial is a farce (Scooting on Down the Road)
  • All of the hot air about global warming (the CO2 we put out when we talk) is just that without a solution, but no one has the nerve to go through with it, although the conservatives are at least waking up to the fact that we need to stop funding Islamicists by our oil dependency (The Obvious Solution)
  • Hillary Clinton’s campaign is the most serious problem we’re facing right at the monent for reasons few are talking about (Finishing the Job: A Watergate Reflection)
  • The chief objective of all of the radical leaders in the Middle East–both Sunni (bin Laden) and Shi’ite (Ahmadinejad) is to take the oil wealth and Islamic seat that is Saudi Arabia (They’d Rather Take Riyadh, Osama’s Real Objective).  And the best way to fix the problem is to keep them at each other’s throats.
  • The Roman Catholic church in the UK (and the CofE as well) are finding out that It’s Not About Freedom Any More, especially when the homosexuals are involved, in the whole row over gay adoptions.
  • We predicted in A Punch in the Face for Capitalism that more and more American capital would flow into private corporations rather than risk the liabilities imposed by the Sarbanes-Oxley law.  Although this is doubtless going on, the greater reality is actually worse: capital for new ventures is moving to London and Hong Kong, weakening New York’s status as the financial centre of the world.  This has induced panic in left wingers by Chuck Schumer, but they should have thought of this before they passed such legislation.  This trend may be the greatest threat to the status of the U.S. as the world’s superpower that is out there, at least in the short term.

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