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Racial Attitudes: They Just Don’t Happen

The decidedly trashy outbursts–and frankly I can’t think of another word to describe them–that some Brits have blurted out on their reality shows about non-white people are illuminating in two respects.

First, it should put paid to the idea that Europeans are innately more "enlightened" on issues of race or any of the other politically correct indices than their American counterparts.  Although the UK has always been something of a world apart from their Continental counterparts, they still have an idea of their own superiority relative to the "colonies," especially during the present administration.

Second, the racial outbursts we’ve seen remind us that many of the problems we’ve agonised over in the U.S. both started in the British Isles and can be replicated there when the circumstances are right.

Two years ago, we showed that the nature of American evangelical Christianity had its roots in the struggles of the "old country" in Taming the Rowdies.  The problem of racism in the U.S.–especially in the South–did too, as we showed last year in To Do the Work.  The basic problem the UK is facing is that the cousins of the same people who left to find freedom rather than just "the work" are themselves facing a major immigrant wave, and not just from the Muslim countries.  This new immigrant wave is creating the same problems the imporation of slaves to the New World did–economic competition between the immigrants and the natives at the bottom of the social scale.  The result is pretty much the same–racism at its rawest.

Trashy as it is, the UK (along with the rest of Europe) is in an unenviable position, one the "colonies" have wrestled with for a long time.  The Europeans have complicated the problem by jettisoning Christianity, which teaches people that all have sinned and fallen short, and that all need the same redemption the Saviour offers, which forces people to look at their fellow human beings in a different light.  Left-wing people always tell us that adopting their secularism will advance us, but things aren’t looking too promising in the "old country" these days.


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