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It’s Not About Freedom Any More

The rather plaintive letter from the Rev. Mark Lawrence trying to explain why his departure from California to take his post as the new Bishop of South Carolina is being delayed is a sad commentary both on TEC and the left-wing boomers that presently dominate its leadership.

His explanation of the process is about as clear as one could want, even for those outside of the Episcopal/Anglican world.  But there’s one remark he made that I find the most disturbing of all:

Frankly, I find it ironic that those of my generation who were so quick to trumpet the need for non-conformity when they were opposed to the "establishment" are most ungracious towards those whom they think do not conform now that they are holding the reigns of power.

That’s boomer absolutism for you.  We live in a political (and evidently ecclesiastical) environment where we think that freedom for ourselves can only be achieved when others are controlled.  For those of us (like Rev. Lawrence) who saw sixties radicals up close at the start, the hypocrisy is frankly galling.


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