Is This Redneck or What?

It’s bad enough that Jimmy Carter has uncritically accepted the idea that Israel is solely responsible for all of the Middle East’s problems. But the fact that he won’t even debate Alan Dershowitz–a card-carrying liberal if there ever was one–only shows that his hopeless pseudosophistication has gone beyond human repair.

Carter has forgotten that Jews have been stalwarts of his party for many years, which is more than can be said for his fellow Scotch-Irish Southerners. The fact that he is turning his back on them after all of these years shows that he, in reality, has not advanced from the anti-Semitism that has been traditionally tagged with the least progressive elements of his region.

What Carter has done is to join the conspiracy of the self-pitying, those who believe that everything bad in life is the fault of someone else. While that runs deeper in his culture than some of us would care to admit, it doesn’t justify setting the world up for another Holocaust–which is exactly what Hamas is gunning for, as we discussed last year.

Is this redneck or what?

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