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Flying with a Corpse Used Not to be News

The story–which Drudge dutifully linked to–of a British Airways passenger who suffered a fatal heart attack and whose body traversed the Atlantic is one of those things the Internet magnifies. Before the Net, it would have barely deserved a notice.

For me, it brought back memories of a commercial competitor. Joost Werner Jansz was a Dutch engineer who invented theHydroblok” hydraulic pile driving hammer. In 1979, he was returning home with his wife from a business trip to the U.S. (the Offshore Technology Conference, I think) and suffered a heart attack. KLM opted to leave his body next to his wife, who rode back to Amsterdam next to her dead husband. (BA relocated the body of their dead passenger body.)

First class passengers might find the thought of riding with a corpse hard to take, but sooner or later all of them (along with everyone else) will take a ride into eternity.

Our prayers go out to the widow on the BA flight. For the rest of us, click here.


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