Gay Marriage is Still Bourgeois and Philistine

The situation in Colorado with Ted Haggard is an illustration that homosexuals–well, at least some of them–will stop at nothing to try to sway the public to allow gay marriage, even when others among them know they have blown it on the issue. First, a word about people like Ted Haggard from someone who actually does ministry work: the only way to persist in God’s work is to be focused on what one is doing for God and not dependent upon the performance of other people. Although the accuser at this point can’t back up his charges, our ultimate confidence must be in God, not in people.  (Unfortunately many in his church haven’t seen it this way, as is usually the case.)

Now to the matter at hand: I still have never heard a satisfactory explanation as to why gay marriage is preferable to no civil marriage at all from those on the left. You liberals were supposed to be freeing us from such social conventions and your volte-face on this is appalling. Why should we believe you on anything else? We need to continue to vote for marriage as a union of one man and one woman until the left stops this silliness, which doesn’t look likely in the foreseeable future.

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