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Bill Clinton: Too Much Like a Union Meeting

Bill Clinton’s performance in his interview with Chris Wallace reminded me too much of some of the things I used to see during union meetings in my old family business. All too often, when the grievance filed didn’t have the merit they thought it had, at least one on the committee would blow up in front of us.

Clinton is a product of a "working man’s" background in Arkansas. I am too close to this for my own good; not too far north of where he grew up, my grandfather worked for the railroad for 44 years. I know a hothead when I see one, and watching him berate Chris Wallace I saw one who knew he was in trouble and whose only hope was to turn the tables by shoving emotion into Wallace’s face.

Back in the 1970’s my father attempted to fire one of his "hotheads" but lost in arbitration, in part because the aribtrator marked the grievant as a "sturdy yeoman." But when you’ve got a little of that Celtic "sturdy yeoman" in you, it’s hard to romanticise it. Moreover our "yeoman’s" basic problem was that he was running from God; if he had (and eventually did) put God first, many of the problems we had with him–and his own, really–would have been solved.

If we’ve advanced as far as we claim we have in this time of ours, we need to see Clinton for what he is and deal with him accordingly.


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