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A Ninth Anniversary, and a New Face for Our Blog

The end of August represents this site’s ninth anniversary. It was in 1997–right about the time Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed careened into eternity in Paris–that we started this page’s predecessor.

Many things have changed since that time, not the least of which is the advent of blogging. In a sense, this page has been a blog from the start, but blogging in straight HTML isn’t the easiest thing to do, even when you understand the code.

We have used FushionNews since April of last year. The web never stops changing, and this routine has been outpaced by the changes (most not for the better) on the web. So we start afresh.

We’ll still offer access to the sixteen months of postings we made while using that. For those of you who follow us with RSS, that has changed too; the new URL is at the bottom of the page. But with change comes the possibility of improvement. We’ve eliminated the 300 character comment limit, we now have modern blogging features such as trackback, we can categorise our postings (as we do on the “traditional” part of our site) and we have the possibility of podcasting, one we won’t pass up.

We want to thank you who are regular visitors for supporting this and our other sites and look forward to seeing you again.


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