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The Episcopal Church Lumbers Toward a Rational Approach About the Property

At least in one case:

After a lengthy process of prayerful discernment, respectful conversation, and engagement with the Presiding Bishop’s Office and the Standing Committee, the leadership of the Diocese of Washington, working together with the leadership of Christ Church Accokeek, has decided to sell the property of Christ Church Accokeek to a new corporate entity that is not in union with the Diocese. We have reached this decision in a spirit of friendship

In the recent past the Episcopal Church has pursued a “take no prisoners” policy on keeping its property, and especially keeping its property out of the hands of other Anglican entities.  But this is the same diocese that looted the Soper Trust; the call of financial necessity has given cooler heads the upper hand, up to and including the Presiding Bishop’s Office, once the most intransigent link in the chain.

But it could have been different all along.  The Church of God, which also owns the property centrally (and has a more consistent history of doing so) has a different view.  I asked the aide to a state Administrative Bishop what he would do if a church wanted to leave and purchase its property.  His response? He would tell them where to send the check.

Evidently the Episcopal Church is starting to see the wisdom of following the example of those “insufferable Holy Rollers across the tracks.”


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