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If Michael Curry Really Wants to Confront Donald Trump, He Should Start in Palm Beach

He did the “Jericho March” around the White House last night:

The Holy Spirit came a knocking for President Trump Thursday night … in the form of royal wedding preacher Bishop Michael Curry.

The standout star of Prince Harry and Meghan‘s big day was part of a candlelight vigil in the Capitol that included prayer and song outside the White House. The Bishop told us their goal was spreading a message of “love of God and love of neighbor.”

Frankly this is ridiculous because, if Curry had a little patience, he could even make a bigger splash because Donald Trump visits one of his own churches, Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach, for Christmas and Easter.  And, when that auspicious moment comes, he could do one of two things.  He could stand in the front door and block Trump’s entrance.  Or, he could mount the pulpit and rail against the usual Trump sins the left is so obsessed with while Trump sits there.  He has the potential of being the religious left’s John Chrysostom and Thomas More rolled into one.

But then again…if he did that to Trump, he’d be aiming at a good portion of Bethesda’s own membership, including the Trumpettes who have stuck with the President through thick and thin.  And many of the social justice charges he would level against Trump would apply to those members as well.  Then they would leave and take their offerings with them, and for a church which has just blown USD60 million on litigation to keep its property and faces declining membership, that would be hard to take.

As I mentioned earlier, Curry needs to take a hard look at his own house before he keeps doling out his version of Anglican Fudge against the rest of us.


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