We Could Use the Money to Pay Off Litigation Expenses

But we won’t:

“We’re going to raise $700,000 and give it away,” said the Rev. Bob Leopold.

Give away $700,000?

With no strings attached?

To almost anyone who asks?

“This is the start of something really big,” said Leopold.

After hearing about a local church that erected three 100-foot crosses at the cost of $700,000, Leopold and his cohorts at the Southside Abbey — he’s the Episcopal priest at the Main Street church — were inspired. Hmmm, they wondered: What else could we do with $700,000?

Liberals in this town are feeling pretty self-righteous since The Crossing church spent this amount to money to put up three large crosses along I-75.  But they–or at least the Episcopalian ones like Leopold–should pause and consider that their own church has spent (and this is a 2010 reckoning, the lawyers have billed on) in excess of $20,000,000 on litigation, much of which is to keep historical (and expensive) properties without a really good game plan to insure that they are used or self-supporting.

And, of course, we won’t discuss the hijacking of the United Thank Offering

So, Rev. Leopold, if you can raise $700,000, there’s a Presiding Bishop at 815 who would love to talk with you.

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