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Peter Giardina: Song of Solomon

Giardina-Pete-Song-Of-Solomon(Music Mountain MMP-PG-1001)  1975

Every now and then an album comes along which, at least in part, takes your breath away, and this is one of them.  It is skillfully done, laced with the mellotron, that 1960’s and 1970’s instrument that’s at once the product of technology and yet difficult to digitize, and profoundly spiritual.  Although all the tracks aren’t on the highest plane, when they are, they are.  His opening, the title track, gets off to a slow start, but then takes off.  “Dance Song,” his rendition of the old liberal favorite, is the best I know of.  And the closing, “One More Mile to Go”, is the absolute best “homecoming” song I know of.  Southern Gospel cannot touch it; only this comes close.

Although the album says it was made in Indiana, Pete Giardina is a son of the Gulf Coast.  His father was a New Orleans jazz musician and he was raised in the Dallas area.  He is still an active musician in the Dallas area.

The songs:

  1. Song Of Solomon
  2. Darkness Before The Dawn
  3. Never Alone
  4. Dance Song
  5. Christ Of Galilee
  6. Billows And Waves
  7. One More Mile To Go

As mentioned earlier, this album features a mellotron.  If you’re interested in how these worked, you can watch the video below by someone who restored one.

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