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Month of Sundays: Provision

And my God, out of the greatness of his wealth, will, in glory, fully satisfy your every need, through your union with Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19)

It was time to go home. We had experienced another good cruise in the Bahamas, but it was time to get back to the good old U.S.A. So we left the harbour at Chubb Cay and set our course for South Florida.

Unfortunately we hadn’t checked the weather very carefully. North-east of Bimini we ran into a squall line that put us in high winds and a driving rain. Our boat was beautiful but rolled dreadfully in the high seas.

Although all of the lamps and other furniture you take for granted on land were secured at all times, everything else went flying, including the food in the galley. My mother turned green with motion sickness; I thought the cat would, too. The more of this we chopped through, the less likely it seemed we would make it back across the Straits of Florida.

But make it we did. As we approached Port Everglades (the port for Fort Lauderdale, a port of call for many cruise ships) my father realized that his ship’s wheel didn’t change the course of the boat. He used the dual diesel engines we had, one then the other, to keep us on course and we finally, mercifully make it to the dock.

A trip below revealed the problem: the steering cable had snapped. It seemed that we had gone through the worst storm of our yachting career with a few threads holding the steering cable—and thus our ability to set a course into the wind and prevent capsizing of the boat.

When you’re going through a storm in life, it’s sometimes hard to know that God is still in control and keeping you safe. Sometimes that’s not apparent until it’s all over. But it’s good to know that, in times of crisis, our God is there to bring us through to the safe harbour, if we’ll only set the course he’s charted for us.


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