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The Lightbearers with Esther Tims, and The Lightbearers: Going Dutch

Polder meets polyester suits as this Dutch group takes on many American Gospel favourites, along with some more “contemporary” fare. And they do pretty well at it, too. One of the few “continental” groups that UK label Dove/Musical Gospel Outreach featured in their line-up.

The Lightbearers with Esther Tims
(Dove 14, 1974)

The group’s own instrumental and vocals provide a nice backup for Esther Tims, the Surabaya, Indonesia native who puts on a good performance of several Gospel classics (along with Larry Norman’s I’d Wish We’d All Been Ready.) All but one of these songs is sung in English, and that (Hij leeft) is of American origin.

The performers:

  • Esther Tims (vocals)
  • John (vocals, guitar, piano, organ)
  • Marike (tambourine, vocals)
  • Arjan (percussion, guitar, vocals)
  • Efie (twelve-string guitar, vocals)
  • Henrie (bass guitar, vocals)

The music:

  1. I wish we’d all been ready
  2. A poor poor rich man
  3. God I love you
  4. Through it all
  5. A song for the Man
  6. I was born to serve my Lord
  7. All I want to be
  8. How can you refuse Him now
  9. I should have been crucified
  10. Hij leeft
  11. Only Jesus
  12. What a day that will be

Going Dutch
(Dove 22, 1975)

More music from the Lightbearers, now on their own. In addition to American Gospel music, they include some original compositions and a surprise adopted from the secular music world.

Note: from an organisational standpoint, this is a strange album. The song order on both the sleeve and record label is completely different from what’s pressed into the red vinyl (normal for Dovetail/Dove releases.) The order below is what’s on the sleeve.

The performers:

  • John Gosselar (piano)
  • Henrie Workala (bass)
  • Adam and Eve Knevel (guitars)
  • Mike Wade (drums)
  • Ken Freeman (string synthesiser)

The music:

  1. Born Again
  2. Hey you friend
  3. If I can practice what I preach
  4. Before He calls again
  5. Yes He will
  6. I will serve thee
  7. My tribute
  8. In the valley
  9. You’ve got a friend
  10. I am to blame

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