What "Liberal on Liberal" Crime Looks Like

As if things at NPR weren’t hard enough, we have this going on:

A Maine man has been jailed on federal charges that he threatened to kill or harm two of the hosts of “All Things Considered,” the popular National Public Radio news program, The Smoking Gun has learned.

The defendant in custody, John Crosby, was arrested in late-January by FBI agents and named last month in a three-count felony indictment filed in U.S. District Court in Portland. The case against Crosby, 38, has not been publicized by the Department of Justice, nor has it been reported by NPR.

First: I think this kind of thing is not correct.  If your objective is to “get NPR,” the best way is to let them keep talking and doing rather than silencing them, as the current string of scandals indicates.

But let’s unpack this:

  1. This comes from New England.  Now I know that Maine in many ways is atypical of New England; I worked for an “old Mainer” for many years, and know this well.  Besides, what can you say for a state which has two Republican senators?  But it’s still in a region that, until last November’s electoral tsunami, had no Republican representatives in the House and where most states have same sex civil marriage.
  2. The defendant “has been held without bail since his January 26 arrest inside a library at the University of Southern Maine.”  What other kind of criminal would you hold in a library?  However, conservatives should be forewarned: since liberals think that conservatives never read, they are probably planning to use libraries as places of incarceration for those on the right, too.  That is, until one of their judges rules that putting a conservative in the library is cruel and unusual punishment…
  3. The defendant drove a Volvo and was using it to help him transport his weapons.
  4. He sent some of his threatening emails to NPR from a Starbucks.  The rest came from the University of Southern Maine.

Wonder if they shove a latté through the slot at mealtimes…

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