The Downside to David Cameron's Attack on Multiculturism

The right is very pleased with British PM David Cameron’s attack on multiculturalism:

‘Multiculturalism has failed,” said British Prime Minister David Cameron last weekend in Munich. If anybody thought they had read those words before, it is because they have. Many times. Last October German Chancellor Angela Merkel (sitting onstage with Mr. Cameron when he gave his speech on Saturday) said the same. Finally, Europe’s mainstream party leaders seem to be realizing what others have long noticed: Multiculturalism has been the most pernicious and divisive policy pursued by Western governments since World War II.

The pleasure is shared by many conservative Christians, too, but before we pop the cork on whatever beveridge we’re celebrating with, we need to stop and think about what could happen if the bureaucracy actually heeds Cameron’s (and Merkel’s) call.

We need to first understand that the reason why we’ve gotten to this point is that European Islam has awakened to the reality of their own religion: that public and private morality in Islam is one in the same, and that religion and politics–or the exercise of power–are intimately intertwined, more so than Christian Europe ever managed to make them one.  Muslims in Europe have thus managed to transform a religious importation into a power challenge, and a critical mass of Europe’s denizens, many of whom instinctively understood this, have finally connected the dots to the existential threat.

But scrapping multiculturalism leads to the next question: which culture will we impose on the masses?  It’s unlikely at this stage that Europe will revert en masse to its Christian roots.  That leaves secularism, and if you read what many secularists write, you will realise that their idea of the unity of the public and private is little different than their Islamic counterparts.

Although Europe needs to realise whatever culture it has is on the line here, depending upon how Europe solves its problem, we as Christians may end up sharing jail cells with jihadis.

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