A Few Words About Tennessee Gubenatorial Candidate Basil Marceaux

I see that Basil Marceaux has made it big on YouTube:

I know Basil Marceaux.  What you see is what you get.

First: he is not the Republican nominee for Governor.  Our primary is Thursday (5 August).  My guess is that he’ll do well to get into the single digits, although with all of the exposure (and perhaps a few crossover Democrats, we have open primaries in Tennessee) one never knows.

Second: contrary to what many on the left might hope for, he doesn’t have much (if any) standing in the Republican Party in Tennessee, or here in Hamilton County.  He has been booted from the Hamilton County Pachyderm Club at least once (I mean not allowed to attend the meeting.)  He has picketed our club on the street in protest, claiming we have abridged his First Amendment rights.

He said in one of his campaign videos that he owes anyone who shakes his hand.  I’ve shaken his hand, he owes me.

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