George Conger and Kevin Kallsen Put a Wrap on the Anglican Consultative Council’s Process About the Covenant

This is about a succinct take on the failure of the Covenant (for which few tears are shed here, for this reason) as I’ve seen.

In addition to the subject matter, I’m posting this for two reasons.

The first is that I find myself lost in many of the parliamentary and procedural reports I get from the Anglican/Episcopal world.  I thought it was just me not being familiar with it all.  But when I got lost in this account of my own church’s “Tithe on Tithe” reduction (which I am certainly at the “Ground Zero” of), I don’t feel so bad any more.  Church politics can be complicated; no wonder people get frustrated and leave at them!

The second is that George Conger (on the right) was, of course, raised in Palm Beach, which hopefully will add to the honour of the “centre of the universe.”

3 Replies to “George Conger and Kevin Kallsen Put a Wrap on the Anglican Consultative Council’s Process About the Covenant”

  1. Not sure why this has been so dramatic for me, but I feel like the AC is really, finally over. I’m just not sure where me and my family can go now. I mean, no doubt for several years we’ll just float along and “legally” remain Anglican and go to Anglican churches now and then. But still, I will not being able to consider Anglicanism a genuine expression of catholicity–it has no ability to enforce discipline–and that is a mark of the true church.


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