The Chickens Come Home to Roost over Identity Politics

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way:

 On Tuesday night, we mentioned the dustup between two Democratic pundits, Ms. Brazile and Mr. Begala, who engaged in a prime-time debate about the coalitions being built by Mr. Obama or Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Begala, a Clinton supporter, said the party could not win in November with just “eggheads and African-Americans,” that the party could not ignore white middle-class voters. Ms. Brazile, who said she was not “undecided but undeclared” when it came to her choice for a candidate, shot back that Mr. Begala’s notions were dividing the party. (And that she’d chugged down many a beer with Joe and Jane “six-pack” in an effort to woo white voters.)

But it did.

Identity politics have been a characteristic of the left for a long time.  The idea was equality of outcome but the result is division.  As along as the division ran along left-right fault lines, it worked to the left’s advantage, but right at the moment that’s not the way things are going.

And don’t forget, the Hispanics haven’t weighed in yet, either.

If the Republicans in general and McCain in particular can ever figure out how to make the most of this self-inflicted problem, the Democrats will have a disaster on their hands.  The answer to that question will decide this election.

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