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Staying Ahead of Dick Morris

Staying ahead of Dick Morris isn’t easy, but it’s doable.  On the subject of Hillary Clinton’s real intention of staying in the race:

From my piece a month ago Hillary Clinton has Nothing to Lose by Ploughing On:

Hillary has no good reason to quit.

If she wins the nomination, she has a shot at the presidency.

If she loses the nomination, her anti-Obama propaganda has set up a win by John McCain.  And she can try again in 2012 much more easily if Obama loses the general election.

From Dick Morris’ new piece Is Hillary Preparing to Run in 2012?

Until the last vote is counted on June 3rd, we can chalk up her persistence to determination, courage and sheer obstinacy. But if she persists in her candidacy after the last primary, we must begin to consider whether she has an ulterior motive.

Does Hillary want to beat up Obama so that he can’t win the general election in November, assuring McCain of the presidency so that she can have a clear field to run again in 2012? Obviously, if Obama beats McCain, Hillary is out of the picture until 2016, by which time, at 69 years old, she might be too old to run. But if McCain wins, she would have to be considered the presumptive front runner for the nomination, a status which she might parlay into a nomination more successfully than she has been able to do this year.


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