The Tyranny of Peer Pressure

George Barna’s recent surveys show two things:

  1. The future of children is Americans’ greatest general concern.
  2. The effect of peer pressure is the greatest specific concern surrounding their future.

It should be.  As readers of this blog are aware, I contend that peer pressure has the rule of law in this society, and this starts with the much vaunted "socialisation" obtained in schools.  However, when parental and school administrative examples are weak, peer pressure will dominate the view.  It’s that simple.  Peer pressure ultimately engendered the "teen culture" which has been a fixture in our society since World War II.

Peer relationships–and the pressure that goes with them–are not only unavoidable, they are important in personal development.  Left without connection to the past, however, they become a classic case of the blind leading the blind.  Left without substantial counterbalance, they become a tyranny that no amount of law or rules can break.

2 Replies to “The Tyranny of Peer Pressure”

  1. Now, misbehaving youth can have their adult authorities fired with a single accusation. No evidence or substantiation is required. Witnesses will not be considered. The worst a teacher can impose on a wayward youth is paper-pickup, which he can refuse. If the teacher has an excellent reputation and is well-liked, this will be considered as proof of inappropriate contact with students.

    In school districts from coast to coast, the greatest part of an operating budget is human resources. Thus, costs can be kept down by keeping 80% of staff only for one year. The more educated and more experienced a teacher, the more expensive. Thus all districts in the USA remove the best teachers from staff in order to keep costs down.

    In such a system, youth find that their teachers and administrators are below them in intelligence and ability. They will acquire a disrespect for all authority. Yet, they will be kept in school against their will for long hours until they are 18. This prepares them for the work force wherein they will keep their anger against authority to themselves whilst submitting themselves to employment for 60-90 hours a week without protest.

    If they are employed, they will have their pay, but without time for their families or superfluities such as church.

    If they are employed, they can expect to be replaced by non-whites which are flooding ALL white countries and ONLY white countries. ALL in white countries and ONLY white countries must assimilate, i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    Thus respect for valid authority and the church is cleared away in order to facilitate white genocide.


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