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Music Pages

“…like most music that we’ve been writing in our heads most of our life, when it is finally put to paper in our youth, it is very, very sweet indeed.”  John Flaherty, guitarist, Emmanuel

“Thanks for helping keep the music alive. We all stand on the shoulders of those who went before us.”  Chris Barrett, Outpouring

“What a refreshing site! I don’t know you but someone certainly knows a lot about my past musical endeavours. Thanks for a great job!! God bless you today with His rest and peace.”  Tom Autry

This is a trip to find this online! I am listening to the CD I just burned for a friend and thought I’d type the title into google and up comes this page! This time in my life was some of the best years. These friends were near and dear to my heart. We praised God together for years…I miss them now and wonder where many of them are as I sit her and listen to their voices in harmony! Thank you my friends! I hope that you are all well and living your faith every day! Jeanne Geidel

…I appreciated the nice positive comments about our work (Joe Gear – bass, Tod Sorenson – drums, Kaaren Freeman – piano and guitar, and myself – electric and acoustic guitars were the musicians on the 1st three GIA recordings). Moreover, when we recorded “Ride On”, are ages ranged from 18 (myself and Todd) to 20 (Joe and Kaaren) and even though, when I listen to these records, I hear all of the mistakes, I also take pride in our accomplishments (especially considering our ages) and am grateful that someone else shares those sentiments. George Summers, God Unlimited

It is great to see the Album I produced, wrote all the songs and played Guitar and Piano on is still ministering to people. I certainly appreciate your kind comments about my work. Kind Regards – Jonathan Morgan Jenkins – Creator of Fruit of the Spirit 🙂

Thank you for reviewing these albums……I’m Claire White and wrote many of the songs etc Hearing them again and that folks are still blessed or even interested reminds one that nothing is wasted…ever! — Clair White Nichols, Achor

Nice to see there is still interest in the music. We Dayne and I appreciate it — Tom Schaefer, Songs for the Masses

I didn’t know anyone was still interested until I saw your post! — Paul Griffo, A City Set Upon a Hill Cannot be Hid

I am amazed that any copies are yet to be found of this album! It was a very limited pressing!…Thanks for that nice comment… — Bobby Kent, Glide Memorial’s Bobby Kent

This is the site where you can download MP3’s of the music from Church of the Redeemer and the Fisherfolk. I’m so glad you love the music we made and the life we shared.–Diane Davis Andrew, The Keyhole/The Way In

I am grateful for the post about my Father, Fr. Ian D. Mitchell!… Thank you for sharing his music and story. In these tumultuous times, I have missed my dad and wonder how he would feel. Actually, I know. So, we continue to speak up about injustice in the World, and do what we can as we were both taught. In their memory, for which they both stood. With equality and the greater good. Julianna Mitchell Pontious, The American Folk Song Mass

Although Positive Infinity is not, per se, a music blog, it does offer several Christian albums from the 1960’s, 1970’s and early 1980’s for download. These are albums which have been out of distribution for a long time (more about this in our Terms and Conditions.) This was a wonderful era in Christian music and it’s worth preserving.

Note: since I started doing this, many things have changed regarding the dissemination of this music.  To keep up with these changes, I have migrated a good deal of the existing music (and any new albums, after May 2018) to YouTube.  You can hear these on my YouTube channel which is here and which also has many other videos.  Some of the links below are directly to the YouTube videos, where the video notes describe the album.

I’ve broken down the album list into categories, which may or may not prove helpful.

En Français (In French)

Except for Tom Autry, this music is mostly Catholic and Episcopal folk music.

From the UK (and some Continental interlopers)

Catholic and Anglican/Episcopal Classics

The last Pope didn’t like this music. Maybe the current one will relent.  Be ahead of the curve in either case.

Hispanic Music

Good Coffeehouse Stuff

Music to get saved by.

Mould Breakers

These albums march to the beat of a different drummer…in every sense of the word.

Southern Gospel and Other “Traditional” Fare


102 Replies to “Music Pages”

  1. I loved this album in my youth – they came and played at Wycliffe BC Reading c1977. John De Jong came from this church originally, and I still know his parents.


  2. I am not sure who you are or what your doing. But to a 50 year old this was sweet music to my ears. heck I do not even have the stuff to play the record on anymore. This was a sweet time in the Charismatic Renewal. Was, still is, and still will be.

    From the Photographer
    Leon Dodd [Family of God. ]


  3. My name is John Flaherty and I am one of the guitarists/singer/songwriters on the Emmanuel albumns you have posted. I attended the College of Steubenville from 1974 to 1978. I played with the original Emmanuel group at the Thursday night prayer meetings in the chapel. We also played the first Steubenville Conference in 1975 for the Priests and Deacons.

    I have to point out that YAHWEH IN THE MORNING was mostly organized and created by Betty Jo Thompson (later Gilloon.) Betty Jo created what I consider to be the unique, crisp and rythmic “Steubenville Strum.” Her style of leadership was such that she allowed all members to contribute in a fair and impartial manner. Her guitar and songwriting abilities made her the natural leader of the group, but she never attempted to exert that control. It was always fun to play with Betty Jo as a guitarist. It was fun to be a part of Emmanuel as a whole.

    COME TO ME is the first Steubenville product that Jim Cowan was involved in creating. Most of the music was written by him, except CELEBRATE, which was Betty Jo’s and HARDEN NOT YOUR HEARTS which I wrote. Many members of the group were new as, by 1983 we had been assimilated into the Sword of the Spirit. The rigid rules governing men’s and women’s roles had caused some members of Emmanuel to move on and others to retire to “baby making.”

    Cowan’s music on this albumn has a folksier feel to it than his later works. Much of the music I believe he wrote before or during his move to Steubenville. Perhaps he could share that piece for himself sometime. I haven’t spoken to him in over 10 years and I understand he has since moved on from Steubenville. But like most music that we’ve been writing in our heads most of our life, when it is finally put to paper in our youth, it is very, very sweet indeed.

    In 1985 and 1987 I would work with Jim in producing the O Worship the King series, Vol’s 1 and 3. Jim did a volume 2 mostly on his own.

    Thanks for keeping this music alive. If you could find a copy of GOD YOU ARE MY REFUGE, that would complete the Emmanuel series. Its a rough recording but has some great music on it.

    John Flaherty
    Grand Island, NE


  4. Help! Now that i’ve downloaded ” Joy By Surprise ” How Do I play it? None Of My Media Programs Seem to Recognize It & the 7Z Download Does’nt Seem To do Any thing. What Am Doing Wrong?


  5. Joy by Surpise (along with most of the other albums) is in tar format. The 7Z program will “untar” the program. The following works in Vista.

    First, install the 7Z program. Then, right click on the tar file. You’ll see the option “Extract All,” select that. The mp3 files (inside of folders) should appear on your hard drive.


  6. Wow, thanks for Joy by surprise. I bought the cassette tape in 1976 from bob’s sister Shirley Ann before we left for the mission field. It is wore out and i have been trying my best to restore the tape and but it on cd to enjoy. Thanks again.


  7. Hello,

    I have been searching hi and low for a Tom Autry CD. I do not know the name of the CD but I do know songs that were on the CD such as:
    Let’s Begin Again
    Spirit Birth

    This was my father’s CD. My father passed away January 1, 2007 and I asked my mother if I could listen to the CD as I was struggling with the loss of my dad and this was his favorite CD. In February 2007, my truck was stolen and the CD was in it. My truck was recovered within 24 hrs but the CD was gone. My father loved it and listened to it all the time.

    Please let me know if I can purchase this CD.

    Thank you



  8. I know all too well the loss of a parent is painful. Unfortunately, I don’t know where to find the album you asked for. I think the title is Mockingbird, which was made in 1982. You may be able to acquire a used copy if no one’s uploaded it.

    The only other Tom Autry album I know is available is Blood of the Lamb, which I link to from my own Tom Autry page.

    I did say somewhere on this site that Tom Autry’s music was good to listen to in the truck. You’ve confirmed that. God bless and may his comfort be with you!


  9. Wonderful to hear Jim Cowan’s music again. I recorded that 1977 album for Jim in a stone chapel in the woods of Hamilton, Mass, while they were attending Gordon College.


  10. about cloud, the resting place
    around the early seventies, i met a former family of the jesus-children. this family owned nothing, but 1 LP of cloud, the resting place. he allowed me to make a copy on tape, and i carried it with me, listened to it and played the songs for almost 30 years.
    i cherised this LP, for i liked the music very much, and of remembrance of this family, who had given evrything away for Jesus, were poor and frustrated and more or less homeless because of the disappointments they had in their brothers and sisters, as so many of the jesus-children. this LP was their message of hope, and they watch over it.
    last year i started collecting more titels of cloud, but never could find their first, free to fly
    So i am very gratefull, to be able to listen to it now. thanks


  11. Thanks for the Bob Ayala Joy By Surprise album! I’ve been looking for this on & off for years. This was one of my favorite albums in college. You made my day. Thanks!


  12. Thank you so much for posting The Keyhole’s Sweet Jesus. I was a child in this community until about 1973 and love this music. I was looking for it, along with the Glory album, to give to my parents for Christmas. Bless you!!!!


  13. Hi, Thanks for all the great music. Maybe someone here can help. I’m looking for the sheet music (particularly with the flute and other instrumentation) from Songs for the Masses, especially, “Rise Up, Jerusalem” by Tim Schoenbachler. Since NALR was purchased by OCP, and OCP doesn’t have the song in print anymore, I’ve not been able to find the music. (I do have one old copy of the guitar chords, but that’s as close as I’ve gotten.)


  14. It was quite a surprise to see me and the band I was in, Outpouring, on this site. Thanks for the really nice comments. We played as a group and recorded 2 more albums before ceasing to play in 2000. Along the way we started a coffeehouse, the Community Coffeehouse in Danbury, CT, that still is in operation today. I also now work with Rock the Sound Concerts bringing large-scale Christian concerts to the northeast. It is challenging, but God is at work and the long sleeping New England church is starting to wake up. It is exciting to see. This Saturday, 7000+ will gather at an arena in Bridgeport, CT to see the Newsboys, David Crowder*Band, Skillet, Leeland and Nevertheless. The next weekend, with 75-100 in attendance, we will welcome Justin McRoberts to the Community Coffeehouse.

    The big is important, especially in the northeast where it is hard to sense being a part of the larger Church. The small remains important, too, because God longs to connect us one to the other in these times of fragmentation and disconnection.

    If you are in this area or just want to see what is happening, please visit and

    Thanks for helping keep the music alive. We all stand on the shoulders of those who went before us.


  15. I want to thank you for posting “Joy By Surprise,” one of the true joys of 70’s Jesus music, as others have already attested. I discovered it in the mid-80’s while on staff with a YWAM base in the Pacific Northwest. Someone had left a copy of the cassette in a drawer in the single guys’ trailer in which I was staying. I had recognized Bob Ayala’s name from Last Days Ministries material I had seen so much of, as his later “Rescued” album had apparently been focused on issues of Pro-Life that had been so much on Melody Green’s heart in that season. As I listened over and over and learned the words, my heart and spirit sang along with my voice. These poetic songs of great beauty actually had a real contributing role in my ongoing discipleship and deepening of my life in Christ which took place in that season. Like others, I have googled and searched, and have found nothing but the odd “record” or 8-track tape for sale, but never a CD or downloads. Thank you for making these available (and for the “More than Dreams” videos, too).

    I am, of course, assuming that this is ok with Bob. If it isn’t, I hope he posts contact info, as I would be more than willing (indeed, eager) to send him remuneration for his wonderful 70’s music. I’d love to see “The Wood Between the Worlds” show up, too.

    Blessings and thanks,



  16. Greetings from China!
    I was so delighted and blessed to come across “Positive Infinity” last night. I’ve been in Xiamen, China, since 1988 with my family, teaching in Xiamen University, and am pretty much out of touch with the music of the past two decades. It was great to be able to download some of my preChina music. I will let our Family here know about your site, and put some links to it on my “Our Daily Noodles” blog. And I will introduce it to the members of our worship team at Xiamen International Christian Fellowship.
    Much thanks, and blessings in this new year,
    Dr. Bill


  17. I still have Joy by Surprise on vinyl, and listen to it regularly. It’s one of my all-time favorite albums. I had the pleasure of meeting Bob and having him in my home back in the late 70’s when he came to town for a small concert.


  18. Thanks for these older songs

    I don’t suppose that anyone has got Dave Pope’s ‘Thank Offering’ and ‘Love Offering’ have they? [digitalised online]
    I had both of these albums on vinyl in the early 80’s when I was a newish Christian, and gave them to a Christian charity shop before I went into mission…
    but they really lifted me so many times back then…I love the relaxed quality of Dave’s voice, and the depth of worship in these songs.
    Needless to say they are not available for buying anymore…
    blessings to all who read.


  19. Does anybody know where I can get chords or a lead sheet for any of the “Songs for the Masses” songs? I am particularly looking for “Rise Up Jerusalem” by Tim Schoenbachler.


  20. Here are some of my favourite albums. (Achor, Bill Atwood, Emmanuel a.o.)
    Thank you very much. These is the only blog nowadays (after The Ancient Star Song + Heavenly Grooves are gone) that I know where you can find this kind of music. Music like has a soothing quality that draws me closer to Jesus that means so much to me in the ups and downs of my life.


    1. It’s good to hear from you, I remember you as a regular visitor and commenter on the Ancient Star-Song. I have not heard from diakoneo in a long time, I am not sure what is happening.

      Of all the things I have done with this blog, music blogging has been the best, certainly the best blessing to people. And I have come in contact with many of the artists and made many friends in the process. Unfortunately it has been very difficult of late, as the fate of diakoneo’s and John’s blogs are a testament to. Much of what is here came from one or the other. I plan, God willing, to do some more, but one must be very selective in what is posted.

      God bless you and thank you so much for your kind words and support.


  21. Does anyone know where I can get the Sheet music for the Baptism Prayer on Songs for the Masses? I have to Baptize my granddaughter in a couple of weeks. This would be a perfect surprise to give my son. So HELP!!!!!!!


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