Ted Haggard Gets Back in the Saddle

Pastoring, that is, his new church in Colorado Springs:

Christianity is all about second acts, and disgraced evangelical leader Ted Haggard is the latest conservative Christian to exploit that role to the hilt.

Haggard announced Wednesday that he is starting a new church in the same town — Colorado Springs — that he left in humiliation in 2006 following a gay sex and drugs scandal. And he says this church will be for people like himself, “a church for sinners — for people who have hit rock bottom and people who want to help people who have hit rock bottom. … It is not a gathering for the righteous, except those who are righteous by faith.”

I’ve commented on this situation–and have been criticised for the way I did it–here.  But the sad truth is that, like the Episcopal Church, the worst expectations I had are being progressively proven true.  To wit:

  • His “restoration” was, in reality, unsuccessful.
  • He started another church in Colorado Springs, same town as the New Life church he started before.
  • He has used the “publicity process” to self-validate his “worthiness” (I used that term advisedly, Christianity teaches that no human is really worthy) rather than that validation coming from somewhere else.

My concerns for this situation are unchanged: I think that is sacrificing Evangelical Christianity for his own careerist ambitions.

One Reply to “Ted Haggard Gets Back in the Saddle”

  1. There should be no such thing as a Christian Minister who receives full time compensation for his role as a minister in a Christian Community. Once money enters the equation the equation is corrupted -end of story. This goes from the little church down on the corner to that little nation state inside the city of Rome.

    We are but men. Pray and beg God that we might be strong, or holy or faithful or spirit filled… it does not change the fact that we are just men.

    And the few who could pull it off? They are a fraction of the whole. The standard needs to be set for those at the bottom of the barrell, not those saints floating at the top.


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