The Real Difference Between the Republicans and the Democrats on Fiscal Policy

It is an enduring mystery why US pundits should see a difference between the philosophy of Democrats (who stand for spending more than you raise) and the Republicans (who stand for raising less than you spend).

ROFL, it it weren’t true.  From this analysis of California’s debacle.

2 Replies to “The Real Difference Between the Republicans and the Democrats on Fiscal Policy”

  1. Okay, BUT…

    Dems want to meet needs. The GOP just wants to cut spending and especially, taxes, and, going back at least to Reagan, have used large deficits created by cutting taxes as leverage in the effort to “starve the beast.” Along the way, the GOP also discovered (actually Reagan did it as well), that the economy requires a certain level of deficit (a’la Keynes) to hold on to some sort of sustainability. Also, as Gingrich admitted, investors want a federal debt so that they have an investment haven of last resort.

    Given all that, remember that Clinton left office with a balanced budget and a surplus.


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