Hillary Clinton has Nothing to Lose by Ploughing On

All of the hue and cry for Hillary Clinton to quit is rubbish:

Sen. Patrick Leahy, a Vermont senator who endorsed Obama in January, said she was never going to win enough delegates, and he suggested she should throw in the towel in "the interests of a Democratic victory in November." A number of Democrats have expressed concern that Republican John McCain is getting a head start while Obama and Clinton fight on.

Undeterred, Clinton said the competition would only strengthen the party in the long run.

"This spirited, exciting contest is actually a real plus for us," she said while campaigning in Indiana, which has its primary two weeks after Pennsylvania’s April 22 vote.

Hillary has no good reason to quit.

If she wins the nomination, she has a shot at the presidency.

If she loses the nomination, her anti-Obama propaganda has set up a win by John McCain.  And she can try again in 2012 much more easily if Obama loses the general election.

The main casualty in her continuing on is the Democrat Party.  And both she and Bill have always found the party to be dispensible, as they proved after the 1994 debacle.  Resentment of that attitude is one thing that has fuelled Obama’s support amongst high-ranking Democrats, which has grown as his candidacy has stregthened amongst the party faithful.

Like Richard Nixon, the Clintons aren’t quitters.  That’s why they’ve gotten as far as they have.  There’s no reason to think they will change their MO just became a few fellow Democrats bawl and squall.

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