Redeeming the Time

MissionalCOG has posted a video clip from a recent conference for emerging leaders by Dr. Raymond Culpepper, First Assistant General Overseer of the Church of God.

I think that Dr. Culpepper is absolutely correct.  Hopefully Leonard Sweet (whom he quotes) will touch on issues like this when he comes to the General Assembly in August.

However, when I hear statistics and facts that point to the emergence of the U.S. as a post-Christian nation and culture, I always wonder if I was raised in the same country.  (I know I wasn’t raised in the same culture!)  It would have been possible, with some different facts in the background, to make the same case for the society I was looking at thirty-five years ago.  It’s a nightmare that keeps haunting me, one that I come back to ad infinitum (and, according to the secularists, ad nauseam) on this site.  It’s one that has driven me to keep going in ministry when things get tough.  It’s one that has driven me to write most of my fiction.

But Evangelicals were for the most part not speaking into that part of the culture.  Unfortunately that part has gained the upper hand in many cases.  That forces us to play catch-up.

God forgive us for not making the best use of the precious time he has given us!

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