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Create Your Own Anglican Communion Network

A little over a week ago, we called for a new "instrument of unity" by suggeting that the orthodox Anglican groups put together a "new" prayer book for their own use.  In the interest of balance, this week we’re going to look a an "instrument of division" by showing how you can create your own Anglican communion network in such a way that the original one can’t do a whole lot about it.

To accomplish this, it’s best to start with a wireless router, such as an Airport (for Apple fanatics) or the like.  Most wireless routers have a control panel which enables the user to adjust various settings of the router, such as the signal strength, channel, security and the like.  The setting you need to change is the service set identifier (SSID,) which is for practical purposes the name of the network.  Depending upon the configuration of your router, you can name this "Anglican Communion" or "anglican_communion" (some routers won’t allow spaces in their SSID’s.) This is best done with the computer connected to the router in a wired way, because, once you reboot the router, any computer connected to your router wirelessly will lose their connection until it’s re-established.

Once you’ve done this, reconnect your computer to the network.  Below we show an example of what results when you’ve done this, using a program for the Mac called Mac Stumbler (Windows has a control panel to do the same thing.)

Note that your computer can pick up more than your own router.  This works both ways, and illustrates our next point: you need to set up your wireless network with whatever security you can manage, otherwise a TEC revisionist (who will be angered when they see your "Anglican communion network" in their own backyard) or other hacker could easily get into your network and create a mess or download things that you would expect a TEC revisionist to enjoy.

Note: if you are unfamiliar with using your router’s control panel, you probably don’t have any business trying this.  However, since wireless security is important,
you may want to consult with someone that does, and they should be able to deal with the SSID issue as well.

The result of all of this is that you have created your own "Anglican communion network" for you to enjoy and your neighbours to admire (well, let’s hope they admire it.)


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